Late Gig Productions

Has this happened to you? You spend months preparing for a live event. And as the event approaches, you get hit with one problem after another. Expenses spin out of control as you try to solve last-minute equipment headaches and logistical nightmares. And who is helping you? Not the production company you hired to stage the show—they’re the ones whose poor coordination and communication and failed promises got you into this mess in the first place.

The panic stops here. Late Gig is the only production company to guarantee results. Flawless sound, great lighting, great video, smart staging. On-budget, risk-free, stress-free. Sure, we know that—big or small event—when you go live, you’ve got to be ready for the unexpected. That’s why we use top gear and the best pros in the business, so we can deliver on our promise to you. No matter what happens.

But don’t take our word for it. Take the word of our clients. They’ll tell you that Late Gig Productions has your back. Guaranteed.

an event staged by Late Gig Productions, Toronto, Ontario a microphone at a live event staged by Toronto recording studio, Late Gig Productions an event staged by Late Gig Productions, Toronto, Ontario