stage lighting effects by Late Gig Productions, Toronto, Ontario

The success of a live event is in the details. And there are dozens of details about sound, lighting and staging to consider, whether you are organizing a rock concert or a corporate gala, a conference, a town hall meeting, a school production or a wedding.

Every venue has its own technical requirements and challenges—from the placement of electrical power to obstructed sightlines to complex set-up and delivery specifications.

If you’re not an expert, it’s easy to be overwhelmed and over-your-head.

At Late Gig Productions, we’re fanatical about details. We’ve successfully planned, managed and staged flawless events for every kind of production in every kind of venue. Conferences centres, churches, arenas, theatres, boardrooms, schools, homes—indoors or outdoors. We’ve seen it all before—and we’ve the experience to solve problems even before they crop up.

Sound, lighting, video—we bring your event to life, perfectly.

Case Studies

Corporate Clients — When your event has to be perfect, trust Late Gig and you’ll have one less thing to worry about. From recording breakfast seminars, to town hall meetings, to providing the staging, lighting and sound for a conference, or doing video and editing work, our team delivers flawless results, hassle-free.

Houses of Worship — Picture this, a church, decorated for the Christmas season (never been in a church? We can help you out with these pictures!) Now picture our crew working their magic, and watch the event unfold!

photos showing how a church is transformed into a concert hall by Late Gig Productions, recording studio in Toronto, Ontario

Late Gig Live...In Action — We love live shows! The energy, the excitement, the applause. Late Gig delivers a fantastic experience for your audience with a groundbreaking live surround sound system. Drop us a line or give us a call and we can discuss your needs and how we can help!

a live event by recording studio Late Gig Productions, Toronto, Ontario

You have high standards and so do we. We deliver what we promise on-budget, headache-free. Lighting, sound and video, we will give your event the sizzle you want. Our post-production and studio work is world class.

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