Late Gig Productions Studio Tour

Twist the knobs on the Avalon Mic Pre’s Push the faders on the Digidesign Control 24 Lots of IO with two Aurora 16’s, a Millennium Mic Pre, tons of flexibility with our patch bays Sit in the Control room with the instrument of your choice, if you’re not in the Studio and Iso Booth Mic up your kit Sweet mic’s, including ribbons for your guitar cab. Belting out a chorus or doing a voice over, we have the mic that will work for you. Play guitar? Take your pick Comfy and conducive for creativity Responsive control Control Room—a great place to be! Imagine what you could do with 2 Lynx Aurora 16’s—pure sound and 32 channels of analog input/output with another 32 channels of digital input and out put.
Ready to mix?
Press record and we're rolling!